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"When I take a lovely portrait of a dog, I am as excited as if the dog were my own.  I understand the need and value of a great photo."  Sandi Olkkola

For her photography, Sandi Olkkola draws upon her extensive background in the breeding, training and exhibiting dogs in the show world.  Sandi started off as a teenager in the ring. She bred and showed the well-known Tosaho Japanese Chins with her mother, Tommi Hooban, for over 25 years. Sandi’s wins include breeder/handler of the #1 Japanese Chin in the USA, Best of Breed at the JCCA National Specialty, breeder/owner/handled group wins on both coasts, and handling a Japanese Chin to Best-in-Show all breeds.

Along the way, Sandi found a need to photograph her Chins in a more relaxed setting than on the show table.  Using her photographer friend Michele Perlmutter as her inspiration, Sandi became accomplished by photographing her own dogs for her website.

During a time out to raise a family, Sandi’s photograph skills were honed on her daughters. Now Sandi is back at the shows, enjoying photographing others’ dogs.

 It is her passion.

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